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Heat Pump Maintenance

A clean heat pump is an efficient heat pump

The best way to maximize your return on investing in a heat pump is to keep it in clean, working order.

Your heat pump may be running at only 75% of its potential

Cleaning your filters is not enough. Filters can only stop larger particles and are often unable to stop mold spores, dust mites, pet dander and a number of other particles!

These particles are not only harmful to breathe but also cause your mini-split to lose efficiency by as much as 25%!

Many people choose to install a ductless system to save on heating costs.  These savings are only achieved when your system is running at peak efficiency! That means your dirty and therefore less efficient heat pump is costing you money!

A unit that is not clean can send unfiltered, harmful air back into your home and can cause various illness ranging from mild to severe.

A clean heat pump will:

  • keep healthy air circulating in your home
  • improve efficiency
  • save you money
  • extend the life of your unit


Efficiency Loss from the Small Particles Your Filters Miss

Heat Pump Annual Cleaning & Service Package

Book Armour Electric for an annual heat pump cleaning and health check. We’ll make sure that your heat pump is in top-top order and working at maximum efficiency so you can get the most from your heat pump investment.

Indoor Unit:

  • Check and clean air filters
  • Flush internal blower
  • Flush drainage system
  • Flush & disinfect evaporator coils
Outdoor Unit:

  • Clean air intake
  • Remove dirt and debris from unit
  • Clean fan

All for just $199 plus HST

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